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Why Unleashed?

      At Unleashed, we take an empathetic and scientific approach to dog care. We form close relationships with every canine client and do all we can to keep them happy, engaged and safe. We are students of animal behavior at heart, and when we’re not conducting our own research, we stay informed on the incredible work being done in the world of dog behavior and training.


      After decades of working with daycare dogs, we’ve learned that overcrowding play groups can lead to hyperactivity and aggression. Unlike other daycares, our groups are typically limited to 10-15 dogs, and never more than 20. We’ve also learned that the “out-all-day” style of daycare can be great for some dogs but too stimulating or stressful for others, particularly young, high energy or socially-sensitive dogs who struggle during times of transition in the group and need more structure to be able to stay calm in these environments. 




      That’s why we offer different daycare programs at our 2 facilities to meet the needs of dogs of various ages and personalities.


Unleashed in Evanston offers an out-all-day program with more freedom and time outdoors for mature dogs and many small dogs who can self-regulate while they are in a group.


Unleashed Academy offers more structured daycare programs for puppies, adolescents and high-energy dogs that include group play but also incorporate more training and enrichment activities for mental exercise and some down time to rest and avoid over-stimulation

     Unleashed Academy, with its brand new 9000 sq ft facility, offers a state-of-the-art indoor turfed yard for agility, obedience training and other dog sports. We take a fun, realistic approach to dog training. Using positive reinforcement and management techniques, our goal is to get you started on a training journey that you feel is doable and stress-free. 

  For overnight care, we offer 2 styles of top-notch boarding services.

For social butterflies, we offer overnight boarding in a group setting with a human and other dogs.

For dogs who are not as comfortable in the presence of other dogs, we offer boarding in luxury private suites.

Both of our boarding services emphasize mental enrichment and social bonding. We love our clients' dogs as if they are our own, and we make sure that they are not lonely or bored while vacationing with us. 


 With our education, experience & passion for dogs, Unleashed offers the highest-quality of dog daycare, training, and boarding services you can find.

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