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Puppy Daycare


​Dogs 2-6 months old start in

Mid-Day Play & Train

offered Tues.-Fri. from 12:00-1:00 pm

@ Unleashed Academy


In this hour-long session, young dogs socialize and play with each other, and receive beginning obedience training from our staff.



Dogs that regularly attend our Mid-Day Play & Train sessions will become more comfortable in new situations away from you, learn the social language of dogs, and practice basic obedience commands (like sit, down, touch, leave it, coming when called, etc.)


Puppies must have at least one round of the distemper/parvo and Bordetella vaccines, and a recent negative fecal exam result to participate.

Please email your vet records to

What comes next?


Once pups turn 6 months old, they may be invited to join our adult daycare program, provided there is space available. Based on your dog's adult size and temperament, they may either attend adult daycare at Unleashed Academy or Unleashed in Evanston 


We also highly recommend taking puppy training classes and/or in-home private lessons!

 Learn more about our training services here. 

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