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Personalized enrichment & play

Our P.E.P. daycare program is currently full and spots are filled by invitation only. 

Offered at Unleashed Academy at 2000 Dempster St., by invitation only.

PEP Squad is a great option for dogs who may find group daycare to be overstimulating, stressful or even boring. Here at Unleashed, we take enrichment to the next level. We understand that enrichment doesn't just mean toy puzzles and frozen kongs. Enrichment, by definition, means meeting our all of our dog's needs. When your dog enrolls in our PEP Squad, we work to ensure that your dog is both physically and mentally stimulated, that they are meeting their social needs in an environment that feels safe to them and most importantly, that they are enjoying a day that is tailored to their personal preferences. Every PEP visit, your dog will participate in activities from all five of the following categories: 


- Off-leash play with hand selected canine play partners

- On leash greetings

- Small group activities

- Individual play, snuggles, and training with our staff members. 


Impulse Control

- Basic Obedience

- Stay/Waiting at doors

- Leave it/Drop it

- Leash walking

- Taking turns

- Trick training


Physical Fitness

- Introduction to agility equipment

- "Doga" balancing & stretching exercises

- Sensory Obstacle Courses for building confidence & body awareness 



- Foraraging

- Scent-tracking

- NACSW Nosework

- Scent Exploration

- Mentally stimulating 

puzzles and activities




- Settles

- Canine Massage

- Bonding

- Mat Work


Is your dog:

- Socially Sensitive?


- Highly Intelligent?


Click below to inquire now and see if PEP Squad is right for your dog!

Customer portal for current clients to edit or request reservations.

PEP Squad
M-F      7AM-7PM
Includes daily enrichment, P.E. and
a kong in addition to their personal sessions
Full day $65
Half day $45

Monthly Subscription Packages

4 full days/month $245 ($15 off)

8 full days/month $490 ($30 off)

12 full days/month $735 ($45 off)

16 full days/month $980 ($60 off)

4 half days/ month $172 ($8 off)

8 half days/ month $344 ($16 off)

12 half days/ month $516 ($24 off)

16 half days/ month $688 ($32 off)

How do monthly subscriptions work?

Click here to learn more!

Does your dog love their group play at Unleashed, but you want to add a little more enrichment to their day? Check out our "P.E. Calendar" here

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