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Unleashed Academy 

Customer portal for current clients to edit or request reservations.

2000 Dempster St. Suite A

We currently have a wait list for new daycare dogs over 6 months old. To join our wait list, please complete this Daycare Applicant Questionnaire Puppies under 6 months can click here to learn about our puppy program.

Where daycare meets training & enrichment. "Out All Day Play" is not the best fit for every dog. Unleashed Academy introduces a structured approach to daycare with scheduled rest periods and daily mental enrichment activities to make sure your dog is working their brain too! 

While at Unleashed Academy, your dog will spend the day..... 



Divided based on personality and energy level, small play groups take breaks every two hours to avoid over-stimulation and encourage good decisions. 


Between treat puzzles, obedience training and confidence building exercises, your dog will be thinking all day.


Scent games ensure your dog is using their nose as much as nature intended.

Being Loved

Lots of pets, love and personal attention from our staff

Full Day $52 See Packages Below

Includes AM & PM play sessions and a group enrichment activity.


Half Day $36 See Packages Below

Includes either AM or PM play session and a group enrichment activity.

Includes either the AM or PM play session

Drop off anytime before 8:45AM & Pick up anytime from 11:15AM- 1PM M-F


Drop off anytime between 12PM-1:45PM & Pick up anytime after 4:15PM M-F

Are drop off/pick up times not compatible with your schedule? Email us for alternative options.


Monthly Subscription Packages

4 full days/month $193 ($15 off)

8 full days/month $386 ($30 off)

12 full days/month $579 ($45 off)

16 full days/month $772 ($60 off)

20 full days/month $965($75 off)

4 half days/ month $136 ($8 off)

8 half days/ month $272($16 off)

12 half days/ month $408 ($24 off)

16 half days/ month $544 ($32 off)

20 half days/ month $680 ($40 off)

How do monthly subscriptions work? Click here to learn more!

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