Unleashed in Evanston

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For our dogs that are able to self-regulate and rest on their own, Unleashed in Evanston is the place to be! While we still maintain small groups based on play preferences, dogs spend the entire day with other dogs relaxing and playing. 

Our daycare program at Unleashed in Evanston is full and we are no longer accepting dogs over six months to our waitlist. Puppies under 4 months can click here to learn about our puppy programs. 

Full Day starting at $37 (Package discounts available)


Half Day $26 

Anything under 5 hours M-F


5 full days $175 (35/day)

10 full days $330 (33/day)

20 full days $600 (30/day)

Add enrichment to your dog's full day visit for $5/day!

5 half days $125

10 half days $250

20 half days $500

Unleashed Academy

2000 Dempster Plaza


Unleashed in Evanston

1908 Greenwood St


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