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We are now accepting new daycare dogs at Unleashed in Evanston, our facility on Greenwood St. This daycare program is designed for dogs under 30 lbs. who are spayed or neutered and are not particularly rowdy. Unfortunately we do not currently have space for larger dogs or small, rowdy dogs at either location. Email to see if daycare at Unleashed in Evanston is a good fit for your dog. 

***Our daycare program for larger/rowdier dogs at Unleashed Academy is full and we are no longer accepting dogs to our waitlist. Puppies under 5 months can click here to learn about our puppy programs. 

At Unleashed, we understand that a "one size fits all" approach to daycare is not ideal. We offer daycare at both Unleashed in Evanston & Unleashed Academy. Our different programs are designed to meet the needs of various ages, personalities and energy levels.

Learn more about all of our programs 




Unleashed offers both group classes and private, in-home lessons. Join us and learn our positive, realistic approach to training.


- Puppy Socialization Classes

- Obedience Classes 

- Canine Athletics 

- Aggression and Reactivity

- And much more! 

Learn more about our classes, trainers and calendar 




Learn more about the different styles of boarding we offer 

*** We only offer overnight boarding services to regular daycare dogs who are familiar with us, our daycare dogs, and our facilities. This policy is to ensure that the dogs who stay with us are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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