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We currently have a wait list for new daycare dogs at both facilities. We do not have an estimated time frame on when space will become available, but spots for small dogs (under 30 lbs.) tend to open up more frequently than for medium and large dogs. To join our wait list, please complete this Daycare Applicant Questionnaire

Puppies under 6 months can click here to learn about our puppy program. 


At Unleashed, we strive to create a fun and safe environment where dogs can play, learn, relax and bond. Every dog is unique, and we do our best to serve the individual needs of the dogs in our care. We learn everything we can about our dogs to improve our relationships with them and the relationships they form with one another.

For young dogs & high-energy dogs:

Daycare meets training.

A structured approach to play & enrichment to avoid over-stimulation

For most small dogs & mature dogs:

Out-all-day daycare for dogs that can self-regulate during a full day of play

For pups 6 months & younger:

A socialization program with an emphasis on  confidence building & impulse control.  

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Check out the enrichment calendar HERE.

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