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Registration for Spring classes opens Wednesday, May 15th at 8AM


In order to protect our commission-based trainers during these times when our class size is already very limited, we have had to implement a strict No Refund, No Make-Up policy. If you register for any of our classes, you are taking a space away from another client and must commit to paying for the class regardless of circumstance. If you are hesitant to commit to an in-person class, please consider our e-learning classes.

***Mick lives with someone who is high-risk and kindly requests that you continue to wear masks while attending his classes.

Prior to class please email your vet records to We require adult dogs to be up to date on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella as well as a negative fecal exam. Canine influenza & Leptospirosis are strongly recommended but not required.

Puppies must have one  round of distemper (depending on their age), Bordatella and a negative fecal to participate in class. 

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Create a profile with us to be the first to know when new training calendars are released and when registration opens.

If you would like to register for an e-learning class, please email

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Leash Reactivity

One 1.5-hour recording of Meg & Brian's

Leash Reactivity seminar                                           $40

Curren Calendar
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Class Descriptions
The Basics
Behavor Specifc Obedience

Not all classes are offered every round. We offer classes based on demand for that particular class. 

The Basics

Practice an array of general obedience skills to develop a well-rounded dog.

Puppy Preschool – This class, designed for pups 2 to 4 months (8-16 weeks), combines socialization, obedience, desensitization and play to build confidence in pups and prevent fearful behavior in adulthood. Teach your pup to be calm in exciting environments, habituate them to meeting new people and dogs, being handled, and giving up prize possessions. Your puppy must have 1 rounds of distemper vaccine, bordatella and a negative fecal exam to participate.

Puppy Kindergarten – This class, designed for pups 4 to 6 months (16-24 weeks), bridges the gap between our puppy preschool socialization class and our basic obedience class. Your pup will enjoy plenty of play time with other dogs, but will begin to transition to a more structured class setting. They will practice focusing on you while their 4-legged friends are nearby. Your puppy must have 1 rounds of distemper vaccine, bordatella and a negative fecal exam to participate.

Basic Obedience – This class is designed for dogs ages six months and older – or puppies that have already graduated from Puppy Kindergarten. The class covers basic obedience skills including sit, down, stay, come, and polite leash-walking behavior and much more!

Advanced Obedience – If your dog understands commands like sit, down and stay, but you want to work on the duration and reliability of these behaviors around distractions, then this is the class for you. During warm months, this class is offered outside to be extra distracting!

All Levels Engagement – Teach your dog to focus on your using pattern games. No previous training required. Great for all ages from puppies to senior dogs and everything in between. 

Canine Good Citizen – Canine Good Citizen is a program that was founded by the AKC to reward dogs that have good manners in both the home and the community. For five weeks your dogs will work on polite greetings, handling desensitization, leash walking and more. On the 5th week they will take the 10-step CGC test to become a certified Canine Good Citizen. Not interested in the certification? This class is still a great opportunity for your dog to polish their skills! Dog must have completed a basic obedience at Unleashed or elsewhere prior to enrolling in the class.

Behavior Specific Obedience

These classes focus on common problems that may arise while your dog develops.

Doggy Adolescence – This class is geared for dogs from 9 months to 2 years going through adolescence, however any dog older than six months is welcome to join. During this critical period in your dog’s life they may begin to test boundaries and as an owner you may experience regression with their training. This class will accommodate your teen-age dog’s short attention span by alternating between obedience and fun exercises as well as strengthen their desire to listen to you.

No Nuisance – Formerly known as “No Pulling, No Jumping, and Coming When Called” – this class focuses on polite leash walking, keeping all four paws on the floor, leave it and impulse control exercises and recall.

Household Obedience – This class focuses on behaviors that will make your day-to-day life with your dog easier. Waiting at doorways, going to a specific place on command, no jumping on guests, helping your dog learn how to be calm when getting ready for a walk, teaching your dog to love their crate, discussing counter-surfing solutions and more!

Leash Walking Plus – This class focuses on common leash walking problems including no pulling, heel work, “leave it” when it comes to goodies on the ground, polite behavior when greeting people and dogs, and more. When it is not miserably cold & snowy outside, this class is held outdoors. This 4 week class takes place outside and will conclude with a one-on-one lesson in a location of your choosing. IMPORTANT: If your dog exhibits any sort of leash reactivity (ex: barking, growling, lunging toward passing dogs or people) this class would be an overwhelming setting for your dog and we highly recommend private lessons to work one-on-one with your dog’s leash behavior.

Coming When Called – The entire focus of this class is teaching (or re-teaching) your dog to come when called. This 5 week class takes place outside at various parks while we work with out dogs on long leads.  

Reactive Rover – This class is specifically for dogs that react and/or get over stimulated when passing other dogs on a walk. A reaction may be barking, growling, lunging, whining, jumping, etc. Dogs will progress at different rates in this class depending on their level of reactivity. During the six weeks of this class we will teach you how to both manage and modify this behavior, as well as give your dogs an opportunity to practice and learn in a calm, safe environment. Enrolling in this class also includes a private lesson with the head instructor. 

Brian's Bootcamp An hour long class completely dedicated to exhausting your dog through challenging obedience exercises and obstacles. This is a great refresher for adult dogs and an amazing way to tire out your young dogs.

Canine Athletics

Boost your dogs confidence, strengthen your bond, tire them out and HAVE FUN!

Intro to Fungility –  You will learn basic handling skills and your dog will receive an exciting introduction to agility training.  Agility is a fun way to strengthen many obedience behaviors, and this class is a good primer for those interested in pursuing the sport. This class can also be an amazing confidence builder for your timid or nervous dog. This class is required before dogs can participate in our continuing FuN-gility class. 

Fungility 1 – An informal agility class with a mini course to run through with the help and supervision of a trainer. This class is held at Unleashed in Evanston which is smaller and on rubber floors (less distracting than the turf at Unleashed Academy). Once dogs and their handlers are efficient at this level, they will be invited to join FUNgility 2.  Dogs must have taken at least one intro agility class at Unleashed or elsewhere before enrolling in this class. Bring lots of yummy bite-sized treats!

Fungility 2  a.k.a. FUNgility Handling Skills. In this class you and your dog will focus on basic handling skills such as send/collection, 1 jumps, front crosses, weave poles, start line stays and much more. Dog/Handler teams are required to take this class before registering for FUNgility 3. Many current FUNgility 3 students love this class too and take it to stay sharp on their handling skills. Once dogs and their handlers are efficient at this level, they will be invited to join FUNgility 3.  Dog/Handler teams must have completed FUNgility 1 or Agility at another location before joining this level. Bring lots of yummy bite-sized treats!

Fungility 3 – An informal agility class with a full course to run through with the help and supervision of a trainer. This class is held at Unleashed Academy. Dog/Handler teams must have completed FUNgility 1 & 2 before joining this level. Bring lots of yummy bite-sized treats!

Intro to Sniff & Seek – Does your dog love to sniff things? Are you looking for a fun activity that will challenge your dog AND can be practiced within the walls of your own home?  This class will introduce you to the basics of canine nose work – an up and coming dog sport that involves scent detection.

Continuing Sniff & Seek – For dogs that have completed our Intro to Sniff & Seek and are ready for more challenging searches!

Urban Herding – No sheep? No problem! Urban Herding is just what it sounds like - a herding class for our city dogs that do not have any sheep of their own to herd. This sport, also known at Treibball, gives dogs the opportunity to herd large exercise balls into goals. While herding dogs are quite naturals at this sport, any dog breed or mix that loves to learn and think will enjoy this challenge! This class is a non-competitive introduction to the sport. Teach your dog to take basic direction, push and maneuver the ball. A great way to improve teamwork and communication between you and your dog.

Rally Obedience – Much like Scentwork and Agility, Rally Obedience is an activity that you and your dog work together as a team. You and your dog must navigate a course of several stations that require your dog to perform different obedience behaviors. This is a great class to improve your dogs obedience and listening skills as well as strengthening your bond and having fun!

Tricks 101 – Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to remind them (and ourselves) that training is fun! In this class we will cover a variety of tricks of all different levels. Suitable for dogs who don’t know shake or for dogs that already have a “bag of tricks” of their own and for every dog in-between!

Parties & Seminars 

One day only and weekend seminars that are offered seasonally.

Puppy Parties – Want a tired puppy? Maybe you have already graduated puppy class but want more puppy play?  This is an informal opportunity for your puppy to socialize and get some exercise under the supervision of a trainer.  In summer months, we have a pool party outside and in colder weather we use agility equipment indoors.

Master Classes – Throughout the year we offer master classes that vary from teaching your dog new tricks, preparing for a new dog, learning canine body language, grooming, etc. These classes meet one time only and are typically 60 -90 minutes in length though some may be weekend seminars. Have a request for a special topic class? Let us know!

Canine Athletics
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