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Unleashed Academy offers two different styles of boarding: 

Group Boarding

Your dog will enjoy a slumber party with other pups in our home-style, group boarding room. Complete with a couch, tv, plenty of doggy bunk beds and their own human to snuggle with all night. 

Luxury Suites

Reserve your pup their own personal room complete with a cozy bed and a large variety of treat dispensing toys to ensure they are getting ample mental stimulation during their stay. Social guests will enjoy daytime doggie daycare in between rests.


For our four-legged friends that prefer solo time, they will be participating in one-on-one, mental enrichment activities 3 times a day, such as fetch, agility, scent training, extra snuggles, plus plenty of potty breaks.   

All boarding dogs must attend a trial day at daycare before boarding. 


Current clients CLICK HERE  to sign into our customer portal and request a boarding reservation.


New Clients please follow these steps: 

Step 1: CLICK HERE to create an online profile with our customer portal. 

Step 2: EMAIL HERE to schedule a trial day. Please include a brief bio of your dog, their vaccination records and your preferred trial day

Step 3: We will be in touch to discuss the best daycare facility for your dog and to confirm your trial day. 

Grand opening special! 15% off all overnight boarding through November 1st, 2020.  


All boarding options include daycare, manners training, and mid-day enrichment activities. Dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs will have morning and an afternoon play groups, 1 mid-day enrichment activity, and several visits to the outdoor yard. Dogs who prefer humans to other dogs will get out of their suite and outside in the yard 4-5 times a day, including two 15 min human-led, training, dog sport and/or enrichment activities. 


 $75/night for home-style group boarding studio with a care-giver & other dogs.

$75/night for private boarding in our luxury 5’x8’ suites

$85/night for the presidential suite (8’x10’)


Extended stay discount (10% off stays 8-19 nights, 15% off stays 20+ nights)

Multi-dog discount ($10 off/night for each additional dog from same household). 


$5/night peak holiday charge

Peak Boarding Holidays are:


Sept 4-7 (Labor Day weekend)

Nov 20-29 (Thanksgiving week)

Dec 18-31 (Winter Holidays)


Jan1-10 (Winter Holidays)

Mar 26-Apr 4 (Spring Break week)

May 28-31 (Memorial Day weekend)

July 1-7 (4th of July week)

Sept 3-6 (Labor Day weekend)

Nov 19-28 (Thanksgiving week)

Dec 17-31 (Winter Holidays)


Jan 1-9 (Winter Holidays)

Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog have to do a trial day prior to boarding?

Attending a trial day gives your dog a chance to visit the facility and get comfortable with our staff before being left overnight and it gives us a chance to assess your dog's behavior (both around humans and dogs) to make sure they are a good fit for our boarding options. 

Should I sign my dog up for group boarding or a luxury suite? 

Group boarding is a great choice for dogs that would like being in the company of other dogs and humans 24/7. Some dogs may need some downtime away from their four-legged friends in order to relax, rest and re-group and for those pups, we recommend luxury suites. 

What if my dog does not get along with other dogs?

For dogs that would not enjoy socializing with other dogs during daytime hours, we recommend finding someone to stay at your home where your dog feels safe and comfortable while you are away. If you are unable to find someone to house-sit or home-board your dog, we are happy to accommodate them. For our four-legged friends that prefer solo time, they will be participating in one-on-one, mental enrichment activities 3 times a day, such as fetch, agility, scent training, extra snuggles, plus plenty of potty breaks. 

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