Meet the trainers


Meaghan Tower

Co-owner / Head Trainer

Meaghan is the owner of Training at Unleashed, a partnership with exclusive training rights at Unleashed in Evanston since 2011. She studied canine social behavior and theory of mind in puppies at the University of Michigan and received her B.S. in 2010. Meaghan has worked with several experienced canine behaviorists including Dr. Barbara Smuts, Dr. Camille Ward, Maggie Fahner and Jeff Millman. She currently teaches obedience classes ranging from puppy play/socialization to introductions to agility and scent work. She also offers in-home private lessons for a variety of behavioral issues specializing in leash reactivity and aggression toward people entering the home.


Claire Derning


Claire has a B.A. in Psychology from North Park University. After an internship at PAWS Chicago Claire joined Becky and the Unleashed team as a Daycare Supervisor. She began her apprenticeship under Meg in 2017 and now teaches a variety of puppy, obedience and agility classes. Claire also offers in-home private lessons. Her latest adventure is her new puppy addition: Porthos  – who is keeping her on her toes! 


Brian Huebner


For as long as Brian can remember, he has loved dogs and cannot imagine a life without them. That love led him to FetchFind Academy for dog training, where he spent two years learning positive reinforcement training and dog behavior. After a couple of years working with private clients, Brian began an apprenticeship at Unleashed in January of 2019 where he learned how to use his training expertise to lead group classes. Brian offers private lessons and teaches a variety of group classes at Unleashed. 

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