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The Puppy Program

Offered at Unleashed Academy at 2000 Dempster St. Suite A.

Pups 2-6 months old start in our

Mid-day Play & Train Program 

offered T-F from 12-1pm.


Here pups are gradually introduced to our facility and staff,  socialize with other puppies and friendly adult dogs, and learn to be independent away from their human families. This session includes one play/socialization session with a little obedience training (e.g.sits, downs, & coming when called). 


After starting with play & train sessions (described above), pups around 6 months old may be invited to join our adult daycare program without rejoining the waitlist, provided there is space available. 

Mid-day Play & Train

$25/day 12:00PM-1:00PM

Puppies must have at least one round of the distemper/parvo and bordatella vaccines, and a negative fecal test to participate. please email your vet records to

Click above to

send an email and schedule a trial day

Customer portal for current clients to edit or request reservations.

We also offer puppy classes and in-home private lessons. Learn more about our training services here. 

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