The Puppy Program

Our puppy daycare program is designed for dogs eight weeks to six months old and covers five major components of raising a well-balanced puppy.

Prior to your trial day please email your vet records to 

Puppies must have one to two rounds of distemper (depending on their age), Bordatella and a negative fecal to participate.

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- Off-leash play with other puppies as well as hand selected adult dogs. 

-Small groups. 

-Controlled environment 

- Field Trips to expose them to new places

- Exposure to children 



- Exposure to nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning 

- Building positive associations with things such as skateboards, vacuum cleaners, umbrellas, etc. 


Confidence Building

- Sensory Obstacle Courses

- Introduction to agility equipment

- Treat dispensing toys and puzzles


Early Training

-Basic commands

-Impulse Control

-Leash walking

*This is not a replacement for training that needs to be done at home*




- Separation from parents.

- Learning to love the crate

(where they will take short breaks)


$40/day 9AM-1PM

Drop off at 8:45AM. Pick up at 1:05PM

Need to pick up later? 

Pick up from 1:30PM-4PM is an additional $5 ($45/day)

Pick up from 4PM-7PM is an additional $10 ($50/day)

Puppy Program Packages


10 day package $380


20 day package $700


Puppies that come 5 days/week qualify for our “full-time” package

Full-time 20 day package $600 


*Full time package expires after 1 month.* 

Are drop off/pick up times not compatible with your schedule? Email us for alternative options. 

We also offer Puppy Kindergarten & Puppy Training Packages. Learn more about our training services here. 

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